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“A song doesn’t have to be long to be strong” once rhymed Rakim, one of Hip Hop‘s finest emcees. This reminds us that quality is more important than quantity. It has been with this same conviction that C.O. of IDOL KING has approached his career. With 30-plus years in Hip Hop, you might think C.O. would have an extensive catalog of which to boast. Instead of racing to push out CD after CD, he has taken a measured approach. The production of his music has been prayerful and thoughtful, and to the delight of true Holy Hip Hop headz everywhere, has led to a consistent, creative stream of timeless superior-quality Hip Hop tracks that span over three decades.

Ever the musical catalyst, C.O. pushes the envelope of range, style, and creativity through biblical, social, and cultural themes, proving that an artist’s obedience to God‘s calling can result in the production of dope music for generations. If you were once a fan of IDOL KING, that same spirit exists and continues today in its original founder’s music.

C.O. is a monument to longevity in the Christian Hip Hop game. Since the beginning of his career, C.O. has been an innovator, earning acceptance in both the mainstream and Christian markets. His success has reached great heights despite having an enigmatic career. All at once, it’s as if C.O. ubiquitously arrived, went missing, returned, and yet has always been present. However, there are a few things about C.O. true Christian Hip Hop (CHH) headz know for certain: His history – undeniable; his lyrics – timeless; his engagement – always spot on the pulse of the culture.

Unapologetically Christian, Black and committed to Biblical accuracy, C.O. is an example of God using the ordinary to do extraordinary things. For instance, under his leadership, IDOL KING was the first group in CHH history to deal with diverse subject matter and social issues, especially those within the Black community. Additionally, as an emcee, C.O. was the first to incorporate and sustain the use of apologetics, hermeneutics, and sound theological doctrine in Hip Hop as he consistently provided answers that confront skeptics, cults, and occultic teachings.

C.O. is greatly respected by true followers of Christian Hip Hop. Though critics, haters, amnesiacs, and history’s revisionists would have you think differently, C.O.’s authenticity in his ability to “speak the truth in love” paralleled with his devotion to “holding the mystery of the faith with a pure conscience”, make him a champion and defender of the Christian faith that his peers and fans look up to.  C.O. is the executor of a powerful and loving ministry. His legacy is untouchable and there can be no debate about the most influential MC in Christian Hip Hop without C.O. of IDOL KING in the conversation. There are few in Christian Hip Hop who can boast of this kind of faithful, consistent history. 

Today, as a solo artist, lecturer, and performer, C.O. continues to answer his calling by consistently releasing empowering music that encourages Hip Hop enthusiasts to live a life of enduring commitment to biblical fidelity, moral integrity, civic duty, political awareness, social responsibility, and intellectual growth. He continues to create daring versus that counter the culture, brimming with both conviction and comfort.

Known for giving fans “dope beats underneath the true speech”, this legendary lyricist remains relevant to the Hip Hop culture. If you are a critic and disagree with the extent to which C.O. of IDOL KING’s influence wields in the pantheon of Christian Hip Hop, no worries, but defend your position.

In an era of time when so many misbelieve or disbelieve in God, it is refreshing to know that there is an MC in Hip Hop like C.O. of IDOL KING that dares to believe, challenge and engage the culture meaningfully with dialogue and dope rhymes for the end times. Stay tuned, subscribe, follow and/or like C.O. of IDOL KING below: